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Close Protection Management Services

A professional mission that amalgamates the expertise of traditional CPS (Close Protection Services) with the function of a Tour Guide, aide de camp, personal chauffeur and itinerary management aimed primarily at the business executive niche in the market. 

The recipient Principal will include visiting business delegates to Southern Africa conferences and expositions, entertainment and media personalities, commis voyageur, multi-national corporate executives, their families and foreign private individuals. 

The scope of the CPMA confidential, low-profile professional services include;

 African/local expertise, experience & knowledge base

 Turnkey itinerary /CPS management

 Regional and inter-regional travel arrangements

 Private aircraft charter services

 Sport/Event attendance management City/Mall/Restaurant/Theatre/Curio/Culture tours

 Banking requirements/tasks

 Executive family protective management & itinerary

 The Association, its members and the CPS managers assigned to each task are Private Security Industry Regulating Authority (PSIRA) registered and VIP Protection Association (VIPPASA) and Security Industry Alliance (SIA) affiliated and qualified in accordance with the terms of the South African Qualification Authority ( NSB 8 and POSLEC SETA.

 The Association, Executive Management Team and team of CPS managers employed have been screened and drawn from the South African Defence Force, the South African Police Services, Private Security Industry and includes personnel of all gender.

 Although we firmly believe in and follow a non confrontational, soft skilled protection approach Each member is fully trained and experienced in all aspects of close protection, with individuals specialising in the following fields: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT/ CAT), Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS), Flight Medical Attendants and on special request Advanced Life Support Orderly (ALSO) status.

 Basic skills enhancement and experience includes advanced and defensive driving expertise, considerable exposure to tour operator and eco-tourism methodology disciplines with, hands on experience in both the public and private sector protective discipline.